Cycle Advocate Attorneys Donate 10% Of All Legal Fees To Non-Profit Cycling Groups


Cycle Advocates’ goal is integration of Cycling as an essential element of the Community, adapting the power developed in civil rights campaigns to raise awareness and shift values of individuals, communities and governments. Each cyclist is an advocate guided and supported by attorney developed programs and legal advocacy. Every cyclist enjoys an improved level of freedom, confidence, happiness, strength and health that arises from the use of Cycle Advocates practices.

Civil Rights based non-violent programs create the most effective and efficient action to accomplish goals of integration and equal protection. These civil rights based programs raise public conscience by visibility, engagement, and the use of creative positive tension that reveals greater and more just values. These practices gain support and inclusion from citizens who are drawn by example and empathy to embrace the values and benefits of supporting and integrating the oppressed group. Community members perceive the values and desire affirmation by inclusion. Ultimately, non-violent action builds individual and community support which creates the needed shift in political will and objectives.


Integration in the Community seeks to resolve misconceptions and include individuals rather than defeat of the opposition. There is no Win by Defeat of the opposition- there is only change in perception and recognition of values that dissolves the conflict. Non-violence holds that the forces in opposition to integration are concepts and not the persons holding onto the concepts. Accordingly, there is no defeat, and no need to save face, only mutual success in shifting away from the beliefs that divide us.

Cycle Advocates’ Give 5 Practices create positive tension that draws the community to integrate cycling as a valued and essential element. Give 5 Practices establish awareness of cycling and engages others in positive acknowledgement. The High 5 acknowledgement from cyclists creates a Unified Practice that humanizes identity, draws a desire to be part of admired action, and ultimately to protect and nurture cycling through empathy. While each Give 5 action is simple in practice, the results can produce a dramatic shift in favor of cycling in communities.

GIVE 5 and SSEA Programs build reliable and effective resources for attorney advocating in the Courts and Legislatures. Both litigation and lobbying attorneys rely on public sentiment and values to enforce existing laws and create new laws in favor of the cyclist. Positive public awareness and sentiment toward cycling will manifest in the decisions of judges, juries, prosecutors, and lawmakers. Legal practice in courts and legislation remains predominantly local. When community members have experienced engaged awareness of cycling, know cyclists, and value cycling, such support gives the attorney powerful tools to promote and protect the rights of cyclists.

Our Legal Programs are executed by an alliance of Cyclist Attorneys who Protect the Rights of Injured Cyclists, advocate for Cycling in the Courts and Legislature, and conduct Community Awareness and Action events to promote and protect cycling.