Cycle Advocate Attorneys Donate 10% of all Legal Fees to Non-Profit Cycling Groups


  • Our Community Awareness Programs provide unique opportunities to promote cycling awareness through direct interaction with the community.
  • Simple and Effective, the concepts include “Thank a Driver” and “Neighbor to Neighbor” Rides.
  • Our Legal Advocacy Program is driven by cyclist attorneys who Protect the Rights of Injured Cyclists and advocate for Cycling in the Community.

If you want people to like you, make them feel good about themselves.” 1

Take the Time to say Thanks to Drivers and they will Think of Cyclists as casual Friends. learn more

Positive reinforcement through acknowledgement of drivers raises the value of the cyclist in the eyes of the recipient and observing community. Cycle Advocates seek to set positive examples for integration rather than a reinforcement of negative perceptions and attitudes toward cycling.

Thank a Driver programs are simple, scalable, and powerful means of cultivating good will and empathy in the Community.  Your appreciation will be returned to Cyclists.

Whether you are with a friend or a group, practice of Thank a Driver can be established at any public parking lot, sidewalk or other walking access point for Drivers in your Community.  Grocery Stores, Coffee and Ice-Cream Shops, Community Recreation Centers, and Main Street locations are ideal locations to set up an informal meet and greet.  Take some obvious elements such as a bike and cycling gear, or even set up a club table with a sign or tent if the venue will allow.  Raise your High 5 hand, smile, and say, “Hello,” “Good Afternoon,” or whatever works in your locale, and take a moment to simply express your “Thanks for looking out for cyclists,” to your fellow community members.

How Much Time?  That’s up to the Advocate- 5 Minutes, 5 People or 5 Hours.  The sincerity of the effort and engagement are more important than any measure of time or people.

Simple AND Powerful: People want to be appreciated, and want to reward those who give them appreciation and recognition.  Thank a Driver rewards the community members unconditionally  and sets cycling in a better light as a result.

1Jack Schafer, PhD


“Inspire a ride with friends on familiar ground close to home.”

Start a Neighborhood Ride with your Neighbors. learn more

GIVE 5 Rides encourage Advocates to Share a Ride, Build Confidence, Start a Habit, and Expand Ridership.  Neighbor to Neighbor rides are simple, scalable, and powerful means of sharing the joy of cycling in familiar environments.

Easy as it may be to ride, most people are apprehensive about getting back on a bike. Starting in the familiar territory of your neighborhood will ease the worry and time constraints, as well as set a familiar example for others who may see their neighbors cycling.  For the beginner, 5 miles may seem daunting; yet to the advocate, 5 miles is a mere thirty minute commitment.  The destination is not important- this is all about the journey.

Cycle Advocates can function as mentors to new and hopeful cyclists, giving invaluable insight and confidence in riding skills and basic mechanical understanding of the bike.

Giving Neighbor to Neighbor Rides provides exponential growth in people experiencing cycling, and while many may not make cycling a habit, they will gain confidence in getting on the bike

from time to time, and gain an understanding and appreciation of cyclists as helpful people the next time they see a cyclist in action.

Pick a good day when your neighbors are outside and let the good times roll.

Start a Neighborhood ride with friends and you will have spread the joy of the ride and raised awareness of Cycling in your corner of the Earth.