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5 Riders For 5 Miles

As advocates, cyclists should lead or initiate 5 Rides for as little as 5 miles each year with friends, neighbors, or local bike club novices.  Easy as it may be to ride, most people are apprehensive about getting back on a bike. For the beginner, 5 miles may seem daunting; to the advocate, 5 miles is a thirty minute commitment.  Established cyclists can function as mentors to new and hopeful cyclists, giving invaluable insight and confidence in riding skills and basic mechanical understanding of the bike.   

Give 5 rides can be as simple as a casual ride in the neighborhood or down to the local coffee shop.  Each ride raises awareness of the participants as well as community that observes cyclist advocates using High 5 and SSEA.

Many people have bikes at home and may need simple assistance getting the bike ready for a ride.  Cycling advocates gain appreciation for helping the new rider pump up the tires and getting the rider onto the bike.   Give 5 Ride advocates should focus on sharing the enjoyment of cycling, building confidence and understanding of new riders, and community awareness.

Giving 5 Rides provides exponential growth in people experiencing cycling, and while many may not make cycling a habit, they will gain confidence in getting on the bike from time to time, and gain an understanding and appreciation of cyclists as helpful people the next time they see a cyclist in action.