Cycle Advocate Attorneys Donate 10% Of All Legal Fees To Non-Profit Cycling Groups

5 Percent

Sharing the experience and pleasures of cycling puts a face on those cyclists, draws interest and curiosity, and demonstrates the numerous physical, mental and social benefits of cycling.  Most people will remember the joy of riding a bike as a child but cannot find the time and way back to the wonderful freedom of a bicycle- Remind them why it was so much fun. Cycle Advocates act as ambassadors by making conscious efforts to talk about why they cycle and the great experiences they have had on a bike.  Sharing your cycling stories of places traveled, good days and the challenges met, humanizes cyclists and opens the conversation to questions that may stir another pedal and wheel. If you feel that you are being redundant, find another cyclist and spend time learning their experiences, joys, and challenges. We are building communities.

Give 5% of your time to share cycling with others and you’ll learn more of their views and concerns about cycling.  Understanding is a two way street- so give and share more than the road.

Give 5 & SSEA Programs make cycling Visible and Familiar, building Value and Support for Cycling in the Community.  A Cycling integrated Community thrives on the significant Health, Social and Economic benefits of activity, engaged citizens, and shared values that reduces conflict.

Cycle Advocate Attorneys Donate 10% of all Legal Fees to Non-Profit Cycling Groups