Cycle Advocate Attorneys Donate 10% of all Legal Fees to Non-Profit Cycling Groups


Cycle Advocates alliance attorneys pledge to include a donation of 10% of all fees received for any fee based representation of Cycle Advocates members, including but not limited to Bicycle Accident Injury Claims, Personal Injury Claims, and Defense of Traffic and Criminal charges against cyclists, to a qualified Non-Profit (26 US Code 501(c)) Organization with bicycling designated as a primary purpose. Each Pledge attorney retains reasonable discretion in approving or declining any particular organization as qualified.

The 10% Pledge is a voluntary condition of becoming and remaining a Cycling Advocates alliance attorney but does not constitute a contract or otherwise enforceable agreement with Cycle Advocates. Cycle Advocates is not a party or guarantor of the alliance attorney retainer for legal services. Alliance attorneys Pledge to include the fees and donation with client exclusively in the attorney-client retainer agreement(s). Cycle Advocates is not a party to, or guarantor of, the 10% Fee Donation to Non-Profit Cycling Organizations Pledge or the retainer between attorney and client. All disputes and remedies regarding the 10% Fee Donation Pledge shall be restricted to attorney and client(s). Both attorney and client agree to hold Cycle Advocates harmless in any 10% Fee Donation Pledge or other retainer or services dispute or claim.

Cycle Advocates does not accept or receive fees, or participate in the 10% Fee donation process.


Cycle Advocates is developed and administered by Clayton Law to promote cycling advocacy concepts in the community. Cycle Advocates is a free information service with no fees. The materials on the website of Cycle Advocates, are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice on any matter. Cycle Advocates does not engage in the practice of law, is not a law practice or other form of legal services entity, and does not collect or receive legal service fees. Cycle Advocates does not engage in or provide attorney-client services or provide any legal advice or counsel. The Cycle Advocates legal counsel alliance is a network of independent lawyers practicing separately in various States. The legal counsel alliance is not a legal services entity, law practice, partnership, firm or other business entity. Cycle Advocates is not responsible for the acts or omissions of, nor has any authority to obligate or otherwise bind, any attorney in the legal counsel alliance. Each attorney-client relationship established by use or result of the legal counsel alliance is created and maintained by the individual attorney or firm participating in the legal counsel alliance and the respective client. No attorney-client relationship or other form of legal representation with Cycle Advocates or Clayton Law is created by membership or other activity with Cycle Advocates.